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Atlantis Yacht Charters offers the vacationer unlimited flexibility in designing their charter experience. Bareboat or fully crewed, day to month long charters, on sail, power, or sport fishing. 

Atlantis Yacht Charters can accommodate your wishes, dreams and desires for a perfect cruise in New England, Florida, or the Caribbean. All ports of call are open to your enjoyment.

Atlantis Yacht Charters is located in historic Newport, RI, the sailing and boating capital of the world. We offer a unique service of finding the boat and type of charter you want, not just a prepackaged charter. Be it sailing along New England's rocky coast, sun drenched Florida, or the bright beaches of the Caribbean, Atlantis Yacht Charters can find the right boat for your vacation at the location you wish to visit.

The luxury of a fully crewed yacht of world-class caliber with accommodations for large parties and pleasant vacationing to the small intimate self-captained craft is available to you. Tell us what you want to do and our staff will make the arrangements. Come aboard and sail the seas to your own adventures.

Enjoy the majesty of sailing on an America Cup 12 Meter or just lazying inThe sun as the Newport Jazz festival plays off the starboard side. Drop anchor in a quiet Florida cove or on a broad sandy beach in the Bahamas. Atlantis Yacht Charters will fill the dreams and desires of your heart.

Carry you own steaks and wine or have the crew prepare a lavish meal to share with friends as the sun sinks into still waters and you settle back after a day on the water with a fresh breeze flowing over the decks. You are Captain of your domain and of your vacation time with Atlantis Yacht Charters.

Call us today at 401-845-9944. Send an E-mail from this page, or just click here. Atlantis Yacht Charters will tailor your escape vacation to match your dreams.

The New England coast offers untold beauty, wonderful harbors, and boating experiences unlike anywhere else. Your vacation can start in any port from Booth Bay, ME. to Mystic CT. Tell us where and we will make it happen.

New England States - Boating is a major recreation along the New England coast. From Connecticut to Maine, power, sail, fishing, and Whale Watching craft are available. Atlantic Yacht Charters can arrange day to month long charters to see the rocky coast of Maine, the place the Pilgrims landed to the quaint towns on the islands of Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard. Travel from Freeport Me. to the museum at Mystic. You decide, AYC makes it happen. If sailing is your pleasure try Newport RI, our home port, where we have numerous craft available on little notice. The pleasures of visiting the World Yachting Center bring you face to face with the past and present. Great restaurants, wonderful colonial architecture, open waters with sailing and power boats moving past Castle Hill and Beavertail lights will thrill all comers.

The locations are right, the programs are as varied as you make them. Atlantis Yacht Charters will make the arrangements. Bareboat to a fully crewed yacht, you decide, we provide.

Florida offers year round boating pleasures with charters from Florida's key ports; Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Tampa/St. Pete, to the Keys. Boating vacations to match your desires.

Florida - N. Miami to Key West some of the finest fall, winter, and spring boating is available in these waters. Have the boat of your dreams for a week or a month, Atlantis Yacht Charters will find the boat and arrange the charter to your liking.

Caribbean delights await the traveler with unlimited charter options. Let us know when you want to go and we will make the arrangements for a yacht to meet your vacation needs.

Lay on the beach in the Caribbean and enjoy the warm waters with a cool drink and sun shade. Spend the evenings aboard your yacht as the stars come out and the comfort of the bunk welcomes you after a day of water sports, great sailing, or sport fishing. Atlantis Yacht Charters builds your vacation time in the Caribbean with unbelievable beauty and fun

Atlantis Yacht Charters has special pre-packaged charters at low-low prices. There are bareboat and crewed charters for the picking. Locations and times may be limited, but you can have the time of your life if you decide upon one of these very special programs. Review the list, give us a call or click here and reserve your space and time. Atlantis Yacht Charters will do the rest.

Atlantis Yacht Charters
P.O.Box 1333 Newport RI 02840
Fax: 401-846-5633

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