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    Our group booked two separate excursions for the same day with Big Marlin. The first one was the 4 hour deep sea fishing tour. Five people from our group went. They didn’t have much luck in catching anything but from talking to another group that went out the same day with a different company, they had no luck either. The group did have a chance to see whales while they were out there which made up a bit for the lack of fishing.

    In the afternoon five of us went snorkeling. Cap. Yustas was very accommodating and tailored the trip to our group. One person in our group got motion sickness very soon after we left and Cap. Yustas was very gracious and called a little boat to come out to get her and bring her back to shore so the rest of us could continue on our tour. We chose to cut out the stop at the natural pool so she didn’t have to wait for us by herself too long. Cap. totally catered the trip to what we wanted to do. We were offered cold beverages several times. We were able to try out new snorkeling masks that he had aboard and which we loved!

    He was very good about getting back to me ahead of time with all my questions and correspondence was handled very well through email. They were very prompt in picking us up at our resort at the designated time. He also took some pictures during our snorkeling trip that he emailed to me later.

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